Shifting Market Paradigms- Less than 1 in 2 households is headed by Married Couple!

Paradigm comes from a Greek word for “”pattern, model; precedent, example.” So, are we stuck in an old one in need of a new paradigm?

It is difficult to grasp just how much living arrangements have changed in the United States unless you mine the Census Bureau’s archives to uncover the nitty gritty of the way we used to live. The most dramatic change over the decades is the decline in the share of households headed by married couples. In three generations, the share of all households headed by married couples fell 26 percentage points—from 74 to just 48 percent. Among the youngest adults, the drop is a stunning 68 percentage points! Here is the married-couple share of households by age of householder today (2018), one generation ago (1990), and two generations ago (1960)…

Source: Builder Magazine October 2018